Last August, Google released support for multiple users based on voice recognition. Allowing for each user to get personalized information based on their own Google account. Now, Google has expanded this feature and made it possible to match your voice to a specific Netflix profile. So now if you have multiple users already linked to Google Home, you can now associate their own Netflix profiles to their Google account so like that each member gets their own personalized Netflix content.

It is a small update but requested by many of us ever since Netflix first became available on the Google Home.

How to set it up

The setup process is simple. Open the Google Home app, tap the Menu icon, More Settings and then Videos and Photos.

Google Hom and Netflix profiles

Now, here you will notice that under Netflix, there is a new option to manage profiles. If it does not show up for you, you can unlink your Netflix account and relink it and then you will be able to choose what profile you want to link to your Google account. Simple right?

Now, to associate other Google accounts with a specific Netflix profile, you will need to perform this same steps on each account linked to Google Home.

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