What is IFTTT

IFTTT (If This Then That) is a free web service that allows you to connect other web services, applications, and devices to each other to automate simple tasks. Some of the supported services are for example Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify. There are also services for home automation devices like Wemo, Philips Hue, Nest thermostat. The list pretty much goes on.

Create an account

Creating an account with IFTTT is simple. You can connect to IFTTT using your Google login, your Facebook login or you can create one using an email and password. After you have created the account, the next steps are to connect your services and applications that you use in your daily life.

OK so you have all your services connected to IFTTT, what now? You want to create Applets. Applets connect two services using a Trigger and an Action, this means that when something changes in one service, it will trigger an action on another service. For example, you can have an Applet that every time you press like on a song on YouTube, it will automatically ad that song to a playlist in Spotify.

When creating a new Applet, you are presented with the phrase if this then that.

IFTTT Applet

The “this” part of the applet is the Trigger and is where you set up a service to trigger an action on another service. The “that” part of the Applet is the Action and is the output that would result from the input of the trigger.

To show you an example of how IFTTT works, on the video above, I’m going to create an Applet that will send us a notification in the morning at a particular time letting us know the weather conditions for the day. You can also go here to check some other tutorial videos using IFTTT, also using other applications like Tasker and Tasker plugins.