Last years I/O, Google announced it was bringing Visual Responses to the Google Home. Allowing to ask your Google Assistant to send contextual visual responses to a Chromecast. Now, starting yesterday, you can now ask Google Home to show you the weather on your Chomecast, and the Google Assistant will display an overlay on your TV showing the current weather and the forecast for the next five days.

“Hey Google, show me the weather on my TV”


According to the Google Support page, you can also request to display weather information for the next day, different days, other locations and different units (Celsius/Fahrenheit).

Google Home Visual Responses

At the moment, this new feature has some limitations. It only works on the Google Home and not the Google Assistant on a mobile device. It also requires a second-generation Chromecast to be connected to your TV. And, not all locations are currently available.

The introductions of Visual Responses on the Google Home and Chromecast is fascinating. Right now, there is only support for the weather, but as shown in last years I/O, we should soon get support to see calendar events, browse through YouTube videos and eventually other applications.


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