The new Google Home Mini. Smaller than the original Google Home comes packed with all the same features at a lower price tag of $49.

Setting it up

As shown in the video above, setting the Google Home Mini was simple. Once the device is on, you just need to launch the Home app on your device, then a new device, comes up on the main screen to set up. If it doesn’t show, you can also tap on the devices icon located on the top right corner of the app to see the new device to set up. The setup process walks you through configuring the Home Mini to recognize your voice, to link your music services, Netflix, to add a payment method for online shopping and to group multiple speakers. After going through these simple steps, the Google Home Mini is ready to start working for you.



Initial sound quality impressions

I spent a few minutes asking the Google Home Mini a few questions also, playing a couple of songs and for what I could tell so far, the audio quality is quite good. It is not as good as the original Google Home but, for the price tag of $49, it is worth buying it. The Google Home Mini is ideal for places like the kitchen, bedroom or other small rooms where you want to be able to have access to your Google Assistant.

Home Mini



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