Since I got the Google Home, I keep thinking of more ways to automate things in my home. So, I decided to get the Harmony Hub and test it out. At the time of this post, there is no direct support to control the Harmony Hub via Google Home but, we can use the IFTTT services to communicate with the Harmony Hub via Google Home. On the video above, I will be covering on how to make this happen so definitely check it out.

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OK so here are some bad things that I encountered with the Harmony Hub:

  • Some older devices aren’t fully supported
  • There were instances where activities wouldn’t trigger when using the Google Home. But, I think this is more of an issue with IFTTT than with the Harmony Hub
  • You can’t trigger the same activity multiple times after it is already activated
  • The Harmony mobile and the desktop apps are not too user-friendly

Final thoughts

In overall, the Harmony Hub is a good device but the price tag and the limited functionality makes it not that appealing. The Hub has a lot of potential but, in my opinion, Logitech needs to reevaluate and improve the Hub’s software with more features Especially now that the Google Home is out.

UPDATE: As of March 28th, 2017, Logitech Harmony has direct support via the Google Home so there is no need to use IFTTT to control the Harmony hub via the Google Home.

Harmony Hub via Google Home

Control Harmony Hub via Google Home