The Always on Display (AOD) on the Galaxy devices is a very nice feature. You can set up the AOD to be on at all times or on a particular schedule. Now, what if you want to enable it at a specific time on a particular day or at a specific place (e.g., work or home)? Well, there is no option for that in the device settings but, with the help of Tasker and Secure Settings, we can do just that.


To show you an example of how it works, we are going to create a State profile that will enable the AOD whenever the phone is charging and disabled it when the phone is no longer charging.

Press the “+” icon then go into State > Power > Power. Leave Source set to Any and then back out to create the Task.

Open Task – AOD On

We only need to create one action in this Task using the Secure Settings Plugin.
Press the “+” icon then go into Plugin >Secure Settings > Actions > Device Settings. Now, go into Setting Name and search and select aod_mode. For the Setting Value set it to 1 which will turn it on. If we wanted to turn it off, we would set it to 0. Now click on the floppy icon to save the changes.

OK, so we have the Open Task setup that will enable AOD mode when the phone is charging. Now, we need to create an Exit Task that will disable the AOD mode when the phone is no longer charging.

Exit Task – AOD Off

For the Exit Task, we need to create the same task as the Open Task above but, we need to change the Setting Value to 0 so like that it turns off AOD mode. To make it simple, go to the Tasks tab, press and hold on the AOD On task that we just created, then go to the menu (3 dots) on the top right corner of the window and click on Clone. Change the task’s name to AOD Off. Now, open the task and change the Setting Value to 0 and then click on the Floppy disk to save the changes.

The last thing we need to do is link this task to the profile we just created. Go to the Profiles tab, press and hold on the AOD On task then select Add Exit Task, search and select the AOD Off task, to set it up as the Exit Task. To save the profile in Tasker, you can just back out completely or click on the check mark in the top right corner.

NOTE: Something to have in mind is that for the Secure Settings action to turn on or off the Always On Display, the phone screen would need to be turned on otherwise the actions won’t execute until the next time the screen comes on.